Hello Beautiful...

I believe all women should stand confident and truly love the body they are in. Society pushes these unrealistic, overly photo-shopped ideas of what a woman should look like, and we buy into it! NEWSFLASH...not even those models actually look like that, I promise. It is time to start embracing those curvy hips, and your bootylicious back side! It time to own that huggable roll, your heroic scars, and the stretch marks that say I'M A WOMAN DAMNIT!  I am tired of the constant struggle to find a bathing suit which holds the girls up ( that doesn't practically cut the circulation off around my neck to do so) and hugs my hips in all the right places. If you want a bathing suit that is supportive AND fashionable, then enter your name, email, and any other bathing suit desires you might have, so you can stay connected with us throughout the entire design process! 


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