Christmas 2015

Christmas is a time to thank God for all the things we have in this life. It is a time to be surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones. I am so blessed to have been born in a free country to a caring mother, to have found true friends, and to be given opportunities some can only dream of. Christ died so we can carry out meaningful lives here on earth before we return back to our true home so we can once again live with Him. This year for Christmas, instead of material things, I requested that all the money that would have been spent on me, to be donated to the little girl I sponsor in Tanzania, Africa. Her name is Edina Charles, she lives in a small mud hut with her father, sister and brother. Her mother died three years ago of AIDS, an incurable disease that is rampant in her community. Edina does attend school but her education will not last much longer due to the gender inequality laws that her village still faces. Edina's daily chore is to fetch clean water, her favorite subject is math, she loves playing ball games and she will turn 13 on December, 30th. I love Edina and have grown very attached to her and her family. You also can make a tremendous difference by going to and sponsoring a young child that is in great need of your help. Merry Christmas and please remember what this holiday is truly about.