Darius Rucker Music Video

"Homegrown Honey"

I have to say being in this Darius Rucker music video is definitely in the top ten best experiences of my life. Sure it was a 15+ hour day but I truly had a blast every second of it. The fact I finally got to meet Darius Rucker, a fellow Charlestonian and singer I grew up watching preform (literally Hootie and the Blowfish would come to my elementary school), was absolutely unbelievable. Besides the fact that I got to hang out with Darius and the band all day while shooting this video, I met one of my best friends (guy straight getting it on the right of Darius^^ and who's back I'm on in the pic below). It was a total coincidence Greg happened to go to College of Charleston and lived down the street from me, considering the other models were from New York. During the video we got to dance with Darius and jump on stage during a live concert, pretty darn fun if you ask me ya'll! Yeee-haaww! (I will never say that again, I promise).