Love Your Body

Body shaming, why do we do it? Why do we stand in front of the mirror and examine every inch of ourselves? We compare, criticize, and are just all around way too damn harsh when it comes to our 'image'.  Too skinny, too curvy, big boobs, small boobs, fat ass, no ass, tall, short, the list goes on and on. We see these beautiful people in magazines and want to be just like them; I'm not pointing fingers, I have done it myself. I've hung pictures of VS models on my fridge and around my kitchen to 'motivate' myself to loose weight, but is it really motivating us, or shaming us? Obviously, those women are beautiful but HELLO! have you ever heard of photo retouching? We shouldn't be hating our bodies and how God made us, we need to embrace ourselves. Of course we need the proper diet and daily exercise to be healthy, but just because you might have a little tummy or voluptuous hips doesn't mean you don't have a perfect body.  I have grown to love that I am built like a damn WOMAN! I have rolls when I bend over, D cup boobs, curvy hips, and yes, the tops of my thighs kiss each other. And you know what? Screw societies standards, I am beautiful and so are you.