Body Positive

Body image is something that we all struggle with. Women, men, young girls, the beautiful model on the cover of a fashion magazine, the movie star walking down the red carpet, EVERYONE. No body can stand back and say that there isn't a single thing on their entire body they wouldn't want to change/improve, even if some of us won't admit it. Personally, I wish my stomach was flatter but no matter what I do I have always had a bit of a tummy and my chest...geez! Life would be so much simpler if I didn't have DD boobs. However, I have learned to accept and even love these parts of myself. In a world of social media, we can't help but compare ourselves to other people and wish to be more like them. It is okay to look up to someone and have motivation to make improvements but we need to stop being so hard on ourselves. Shut out all the outside voices and learn to accept yourself the way God made you. Own that huggable roll, those curvy hips, your bootylicious back side, your heroic scars, the stretch marks that say I'M A WOMAN DAMN IT! Love those unique parts of yourself that make us all truly beautiful.